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Retrieving Values

While writing any additional test functions, you may find the need to retrieve the values of clauses in your test sentence. Our framework provides 2 ways to do this.


Whenever you retrieve a value from a clause, you will get the value as a string, so you will need to convert it to the type you want manually if you want to use it.

Retrieve clause value by index

Within your test class, you may call getItemAtIndex(int index). index is a 1-indexed value representing the clause's position in the test sentence. getItemAtIndex() returns the value of that clause in the test sentence as a string. You'll need to cast it the data type you require.

Example test sentence:

public Clause[] testSentence() {
return new Clause[]{
new StringLiteral("This is a random test with retrieval."),
new NewLine(),
new RandomInteger(5, 10, "important number"),

Retrieve by index example:

int randomIntegerValue = Integer.parseInt(getItemAtIndex(3));

Retrieve clause value by name

You may also call getItemByName(String name). This will search the test sentence and return the first clause with the name specified.

Recall that clauses can be given names to make retrieval easier.

Retrieve by name example: (using the same example test sentence from above)

int randomIntegerValue = Integer.parseInt(getItemByName("important number"));