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Use this page as a place to get acquainted with the input testing framework.


This class is used to set test options that declare it as a test that will run with inputs.

runWithInput() and Parameterized Testing

The runWithInput() method is the heartbeat of the input tests and will allow you to run main with various inputs. There are 3 ways to use this function those being:

  • With no input (in this case it will run the class using a specified default input)

  • With an input from an InputStream (the most likely use case)

  • With an input from an InputSteam, as well as injected clauses (used when there are values in the output that depend on the input values)

runWithInput() needs to be used within a parameterized test, and should be run within every test method in the test class.

Clause Injection

This is a feature that can be used when the output of the program contains part of or the entire input entered.